CAB-G4 Defect Grading Technology

CAB-G4 Grading Technology

CAB-G4 Grading Technology

Sunkist®  CAB-G4 Blemish, Color, and Size Optical Grading System

The Sunkist®  CAB-G4 Grading Unit is a high speed, high-resolution electro-mechanical computer vision system. The computer vision system analyzes the complete surface of the fresh citrus fruit for a variety of quality attributes. These attributes include:

  • Blemish (Defect) – light, medium, dark & total scar
  • Color – average color, darkest green, or lightest color, peak color, variegation
  • Size – average diameter, characteristic diameter or volume
  • Shape – Aspect ratio and roundness
  • Weight – 4-point weighing

All functions use nominal values for setting break points that are determined by running test fruit and adjusting these values accordingly.

Blemish, Color and Size Electro-Mechanical Grader- (CAB-G4)

CAB - G4 Mechanical Fruit Distribution Section

CAB – G4 Mechanical Fruit Distribution Section

  • The mechanical carrier is a patented spool / lifter / movable solenoid assembly unit that operates at a constant speed of 10 pockets per second per lane.
  • Multiple 2,4, 6 or 8 lane frames, up to 24 lanes, can be integrated and programmed to perform the functions of a single machine.
  • The system utilizes a Microsoft Windows®  platform for a fast/friendly operator interface, and elaborate reporting capabilities with over 20 reports to choose from.
  • Technical support utilizing PC Anywhere®  software, which allows for service support via modem line.
  • Custom reports using standard Crystal Reports®  data dictionary.
  • Sales Office PC possibility for exporting of data in Excel format.
  • Each lane is integrated with the multiple lane system.
  • Fruit can be sorted by Blemish, Color, Size, Variegation, and Long-Stem.
  • This information is transmitted to a host computer that allows an operator to interface with the system.
  • The operator chooses the various grading values to determine distribution of fruit on the multiple fruit drop points.

CAB-G4 Mechanical System

G4 Computer Interface

G4 Computer Interface

  • Each CAB-G4 Grading System consists of 4 or 6 lane modules up to a maximum of 4 per operating system.
  • CAB weight carrier system features 4-point weighing for maximum accuracy and choice of 2.5” 3.75” and 5” spool pitch.
  • The minimum system length is 27′ 10″ which has capability for up to 5 drop points.
  • The system can be extended with 45″,90 or 110″ L. sections.
  • Each module has an orienter motor and a main drive motor.
  • Mitsubishi®  A.C. inverters and programmer unit for main drive and orienter motors.
  • PLC panel assembly with warning alarm and controls.

CAB-G4 Optical System

  • The grading system is run by a PC with monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer.
  • Optical housing complete with camera assemblies and lift/tilt assembly.
  • Commercially developed task specific cameras and lighting assemblies for optimum grading capabilities.
  • Power Saving Function, which utilizes state of the art technology illumination for fruit detection.
G4 Optics Assembly

G4 Optics Assembly

CAB-G4 Installation Requirements

  • Access catwalks around and between the CAB-G4 modules.
  • All feed conveyor, pullout conveyors, recirculation conveyors, fruit rail extensions, and lane dividers.
  • All support hardware consisting of a 4″ sq. tubing frame and legs for each module.
  • Electrical control panel and field wiring to power CAB-G4 modules.
  • Power requirements – 3 phase power for motors, and power for PLC panel.

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