Soft Touch® Pack Machine

The Leader of the Pack

The Sunkist® Soft Touch® Pattern Packer will put you ahead of your competition.  The Soft Touch® Pattern Packer provides exceptional functionality for year-round, multi-variety fruit packing.  At Sunkist® Research, we’ve studied your packing needs to make the Soft Touch® Pattern Packer versatile and adaptable to changing markets requirements.  Sunkist® machinery packs fruit quickly, efficiently and gently.

  • The Soft Touch®  Pattern Packer can uniformly pack in excess of 200 cartons/hour with one machine operator (4/5 bushel cartons) and in excess of 600 trays per hour.
  • The Soft Touch®  Pattern Packer can pack a wide range of fruit sizes and layer counts. Counts and sizes have been designed for Argentina, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Spain and the United States in a variety of packages, fruit diameters and layer configurations.
  • The Soft Touch®  Pattern Packer can pack into a range of cartons from the small, 2 kilo Spanish Clementine wooden box up to the standard 4/5 bushel (FGS-7) the 30 x 40 cm carton and the 400 X 600mm open top tray. Contact your Sunkist® sales representative for exact details.
  • The Soft Touch®  Pattern Packer is capable of packing oranges, grapefruit and minneolas.
  • The Soft Touch®  Pattern Packer is available with a walking board infeed that will fit standard citrus accumulation bins.
  • A variety of fruit accumulation systems work with the Soft Touch®  pack machine.
  • Changeover from one size or pattern to another can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.
  • This is a state-of-the-art programmable logic control system (protected by Sunkist®  Soft Touch®  patents).
  • Fruit is handled by high volume, low vacuum air with soft rubber suction bellows.
  • Fruit enters the carton through a patented tucker plate assembly mechanism.
  • This assembly mechanism is mounted on high quality casters; the pack machine is easily portable from one packing location to another.
  • Lock down devices ensure stability during packing operation.
  • Empty cartons are automatically placed in position after being hand formed and placed in the conveyor trough.
  • Full cartons are moved automatically onto the customer’s carton roll conveyor via a “traffic cop mechanism” to divert cartons from collisions and to maintain throughput.
  • This system is designed with safety lock-outs and operational procedures to guard operators from potential safety hazards.
Soft Touch® Pattern Former

Soft Touch® Pattern Former

Installation Requirements

  • 30 Amps 240 VAC 30A single phase or 240 VAC 15A three phase power.
  • 80 PSI 35CFM dried air per machine.
  • Fruit reservoir feed system to provide a constant supply of fruit to the Pack Machine.
  • Optional airbladder system can be installed in the gravity feed accumulation bins to maintain fruit flow.
  • Carton forming trays to provide space for carton supplies and carton make-up.

Finance Options

Specially tailored finance options with optional purchase plans to fit your packinghouse needs.

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