SunPack® Pack Machine

“SunPack High Speed Pattern Packer, packaging multiple commodities with one machine”

Utilizing Sunkist’s Soft Touch Packing heads, the SunPack high speed packer is able to package a variety of commodities, lemons mandarins, and avocados with the same design. This machine uses specifically designed pattern trays to arrange fruit before being picked and placed into the carton. The pattern tray conveyor utilizes low friction accumulating “Free Flow Chain” Technology for faster outputs with smaller, lower RPM motors, resulting in reduced operating costs and higher efficiency. The SunPack machine packages 2 cartons simultaneously to maximize packing output. This machine is capable of packing the 18kg telescopic box with lid, and box conveyor can be positioned in different directions to accommodate specific needs. The SunPack high speed packer is a durable, easy to operate, versatile machine, designed and built with the quality Sunkist® Research and Technical Services is known for.

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