Packing Technology

One of the earliest developments from Sunkist Research, the Pack Machine has been a cornerstone of the product lines Sunkist has offered. Improvements over the years include flat fruit capabilities and adaptations for various box sizes.
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Soft Touch® Pack Machine

The Leader of the Pack The Sunkist® Soft Touch® Pattern Packer will put you ahead of your competition.  The Soft Touch® Pattern Packer provides exceptional functionality for year-round, multi-variety fruit packing.  At Sunkist® Research, we’ve studied your packing needs to make the Soft Touch® Pattern Packer versatile and adaptable to changing markets requirements.  Sunkist® machinery […]

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SunPack® Pack Machine

“SunPack High Speed Pattern Packer, packaging multiple commodities with one machine” Utilizing Sunkist’s Soft Touch Packing heads, the SunPack high speed packer is able to package a variety of commodities, lemons mandarins, and avocados with the same design. This machine uses specifically designed pattern trays to arrange fruit before being picked and placed into the carton. […]

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