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The Sunkist Auto-90 Sectionizer is an automated version of our very popular tabletop Sectionizer. It uses the same blade cups and plungers and can sectionize up to 90 pieces of fruit per minute. When you purchase a Sunkist Auto-90 you have your choice of one set of eight of the following blade cups with the corresponding plungers.

4 wedge – 4 evenly spaced and cut wedges
6 wedge – 6 evenly spaced and cut wedges
6 slice – 6 slices 5/16 inches thick
8 wedge – 8 evenly spaced and cut wedges
3-in-1 – 2 halves scored in 3 wedges each (Approval of the 3-in-1 blade system for use in the Auto-90 is pending current testing.)
single – cuts fruit in half
apple – 6 evenly spaced and cut wedges with center core removed

In addition to sectionizing citrus fruit, you can use this machine to core and wedge apples and pears. It will also slice mushrooms for sandwiches and pizzas. Our Auto-90® can slice and/or wedge hardboiled eggs, kiwi fruit, small to medium potatoes, strawberries; just about any firm (not hard) fruit or vegetable without pits that will fit through the blade cup.
Like our tabletop model, cleanup is a breeze – simply hose down the stainless steel interior with water or steam and throw the blade cups and plungers in the dishwasher for effortless sanitizing.
The machine is about the size of a refrigerator measuring 35 inches wide, 52 inches long and 77 inches tall. It is powered by 208-240 AC, single phase 5 amps. Certification is provided by Intertek® Testing Services (ITS).
The price is $55,700 and requires a 30% deposit before production begins. The production requires three to four months to complete. It is warranted to be free from defects of workmanship and material under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of installation.

Auto -90 Industrial Sectionizer

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