Sunkist Research and Technical Services

From the beginning, Sunkist has been an Industry Leader

Sunkist has a long and successful history – successful for over 118 years. Through its comprehensive RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, Sunkist has led the industry with the latest developments in technology- reducing packer costs and increasing profits.

The SUNKIST RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL SERVICES, located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, houses expertise in fruit and vegetable packing, sorting, labeling, conditioning, storage, and transportation. From request to concept, engineering, production and manufacturing, Sunkist can do it all for you.

It was in Sunkist’s Research center that today’s modern packinghouses were designed and through its facilities that they were built, installed, and maintained. Sunkist engineers also developed a number of convenience tools for the institutional market that assist in fruit preparation including juicers, sectionizers, and Snackers.

Our mission is to maintain and promote the competitive position of packers and shippers through scientific and technical innovations.

Our technology is available globally with support from trained sales and service personnel located in our operations centers worldwide.

Let SUNKIST RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL SERVICES assist with your packing and handling needs.

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